Smudgies™ are 4x4 inch double-layered fabric squares, consisting of a patterned and solid-colored side made of varying polyester/spandex blends. Without any added water or cleanser, you can simply wipe away unwanted makeup. Both sides are fully functioning; the different fabrics add a variety of texture along with pattern and one side may work better for different types of makeup. You can use your Smudgie™ while applying makeup, to even out your eyeliner, perfect your mascara, or remove foundation from your brows, lips, or hair; throughout the day to blot away shine; or even after taking off your makeup, to get rid of the lingering mascara smudges you didn't even know you had!


 • No water needed means no mess!
 • All natural: no added chemicals, cleansers, parabens, or other substances – it’s just the fabric!
 • Small enough to fit in your makeup bag or any bag!
 • Hundreds of uses
 • Washing machine friendly – just toss it in the laundry whenever it gets dirty