The Product

Smudgies® are designed with the swim suit that inspired them in mind. Each one is made of two carefully selected types of fabric, like the mesh lining and outside shell of a swim suit. These different fabric blends add a variety of texture that give Smudgies® more versatility for use on all kinds of makeup and all skin types; both sides are fully functional! There’s no right or wrong way to use Smudgies®, but here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way:

Mascara: smudges everywhere, all the time! It’s a good thing it makes the eyes look so good, otherwise we’d never bother with it! This was what Smudgies® were made for. The solid-colored, more mesh-like side works wonders for mascara smudges above or below the eye, while applying makeup, after a nap, after running through a rainstorm (or a good cry), or even to take a layer of product off the eyelashes. Fun fact: Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John considers “overdosing” on mascara one of the top makeup mistakes—for that subtle, less-is-more look, just hold a Smudgie® under your lashes and blink!
Eyeliner: oh, the infamous cat-eye. A feat that, done to perfection, draws the envy of those who painstakingly labor to achieve it, only to give up after countless failed attempts and desperate Google searches. Even the less adventurous, who stick with gels or pencils over liquid eyeliners, will find Smudgies® to be a quick and easy solution for adjusting length or thickness to achieve the perfect wing to top off their unique style! Both sides of Smudgies® work well for eyeliner – but users might tell you the way it shows up on the solid-colored side is just a tad more satisfying!
Eyeshadow: whether you’re going for smoky or shimmery (or both!), Smudgies® are a great go-to to lighten up eyeshadow when you get a little heavy-handed on one side or with a certain shade. And when you’re done applying, gently swipe a Smudgie® from the outside edge of your brow to the edge of your eye (or eyeliner). This makes your eyeshadow look cleaner, and gives it an extra little pop! The smoother patterned side of Smudgies® works best for this!
Foundation: have you ever meticulously blended your foundation, thought you were finished, and then found traces of liquid or powder lurking along your hairline or, even sneakier, in your eyebrows or on your lips? Using the smoother side of a Smudgie®, you can wipe that excess makeup away instantly. You won’t damage your hairstyle, and can help both your brows and lips stand out with less filler or lipstick once that extra foundation is cleared away.
General uses: makeup users know that their look requires constant touching-up throughout the day. Smudgies® are absorbent enough to act as blotting papers for oily skin; they can smooth out cakey or runny makeup; and they can help get rid of lingering smudges—even waterproof mascara—after removing makeup, or even after waking up the next day with raccoon eyes (tell us we're not the only ones!).

Worried it might not work for you? Smudgies® have been tested - and approved - by women using a variety of makeup brands, including L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Jafra, Benefit, Sephora, Lancome, and more! 


Why do customers LOVE The Everlasting Eraser For All Your Makeup Mishaps™ so much? Here are some of the top reasons:

Smudgies® work when and where you need them! At just four inches square, they’re small enough to slip in your pocket or purse and take anywhere. Because the fabric works 100% by itself, you don’t even need water. So, in the office, in the car, at the gym, in or outside, Smudgies® are there to keep you looking fresh.
Smudgies® are all natural: no chemicals, cleansers, parabens, or other substances are added to the fabric, making them safe to use on all skin types, including kids’!
Smudgies® are sustainable! Many beauty products are single-use, such as tissues, wipes, and cotton balls and swabs; and most require the help of other products or cleansers, or at least water. As reusable tools that work independently of other products, Smudgies® do their small part to conserve resources and reduce waste.
Smudgies® aren’t just reusable, they’re durable enough to last for years with hundreds of uses, saving you money on disposable products that constantly need to be replaced.
Smudgies® are washing machine friendly – just toss yours in the laundry whenever it gets dirty and your Everlasting Eraser™ will be good as new!

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