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Ever blinked, sneezed, or poked yourself in the eye doing your mascara? Smudgies™ introduces a new product that can erase and absorb excess makeup or undo those little slips that happen to everyone!

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"My name is Jasmine Adams, and I created this business in Charleston, SC, as a high school student who was tired of struggling with my makeup on a daily basis. After years of poking myself in the eye early in the morning with my mascara wand or trying to get rid of greasy shine halfway through the school day, I was thrilled to discover (in an old swim suit) a type of material that could make all my makeup woes disappear - literally! Even more amazing to me was that nothing like this existed on the market. I broke out my parents' old sewing machine and began searching for more of this magic fabric online. I had many doubts starting out, but with the encouragement and support of countless friends, family, teachers, mentors, and entrepreneurs, I was able to establish Smudgies, LLC. My goal is to revolutionize the makeup industry by turning makeup application into a more convenient process for everyone.

Since then, the production of Smudgies has moved from my home in Charleston to Angel Factory in Dallas, Texas. I myself have moved to the University of Dallas in Irving, TX, where I am working to grow my company while furthering my education in finance, management, sales, marketing, and more with a double major in Business and English. I also qualified to compete at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship's 2017 National Challenge, where I took home first prize for Smudgies!"

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